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Mean words and actions hurt

In Kapowai Pod teachers have been noticing mean words and actions between our students.  As a Pod we discussed how a persons feelings cannot be seen on the outside and that we do not always say how much something hurt us.

To teach this lesson we used 2 identical apples.  One of the apples we said really nice things to and the other we were really mean to (if time had allowed, we would have used mean actions as well), we then apologised to the apple we were mean to.  

We cut the 2 apples open. 

The apple we had been nice to was unfortunately a little bruised (it was meant to be unblemished) but we talked about how sometimes people come to school feeling a little hurt, but mostly this "person" was feeling happy and good. 

The apple we were mean to was very bruised and brown on the inside but looked perfect on the outside.  People may look fine on the outside but are hurt from words or actions that are said or done towards them. 

We also used a tube of toothpaste to teach a very sim…
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Art Fun

We have been busy with art in our afternoon class time.  We have learnt how to proportion our faces when drawing self-portraits, what primary and complementary colours are, how to draw landscape pictures and how to mix colours when using dyes.

We used the Outdoor classroom when drawing our landscapes.

Take a look at our work in progress below.

We're off to a flying start!

Welcome to another wonderful year in Room 5!

This year we are part of the Kapowai Pod.  Kapowai means Dragonfly in Te Reo.  Our four classes of our Middle Pod work together, just like the four wings of a dragonfly.

As a class we have made a beautiful piece of art which can be seen in the window outside of our class.

We have been enjoying getting to know each other so far this year.  Our Exploration SPACE and workshops have been a success and we look forward to learning new and exciting things.